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2012 Furby Midnight Blue Teal Pink Available in 10 Colours


Hurry While Christmas Stocks Last, the Furby is in short supply this year.

The All New Cuddly 2012 Interactive Furby

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Product Description

If you remember the Furbies from the first time round or remember the movie Gremlins then you have a good idea of what this Furby is. This time  he's more fully featured, including expressive LED eyes and an iPhone app that lets you feed and translate.

If you were a fan of the original Furby, the furry robot pet that flew off store shelves over five years ago, you won't be disappointed with the all new 2012 Furby.

The Hasbro team decided to give the cute and fuzzy electronic monster a makeover, which should thrill today’s techno kids. The added features give users more ways to interact with Furby, and many of the  toy’s previous actions are more advanced.

These new 2012 Furby Toys will make for great Christmas presents and Birthday presents. Furby comes in 10 great colours – teal aqua blue-green, orange, yellow, pink-purple, white, black.ice blue,red and violet.

Product Features

  • New adorable Plush friend
  • Furby develops a distinct personality
  • Furby is a magical creature with a mind of its own
  • Furby has Expressive LED eyes
  • Furby recognises and communicates with fellow Furbies
  • Lots of ways to play with FURBY, Hold it, pet it, tilt it, shake it, turn it upside down, speak to it, and play music for it.
  • You shape its personality, Who your FURBY becomes might surprise you.
  • Feed FURBY with your finger or from the free FURBY app.
  • FURBY speaks FURBISH, and there's an online dictionary and a free FURBY app so you can learn   FURBISH.
  • Play with other FURBYs, FURBY will interact with other FURBYs (each sold separately).
  • Ages 6 and up.

Available colours:

Furby Black
Furby (Tangerine-Tango)
Furby White
Furby Purple
Furby Teal
Furby Yellow
Furby Midnight Blue
Furby Pink & Purple
Furby Red
Furby Pink

  Furby is so fantastic. It has "different personalities" You could call them  mood swings. If you feed him and pull the tail a bit too much, all of a sudden its eyes flash and he says "ME CHANGE"

Suddenly cranky furby appears who has no manners whats so ever. Furby burps farts and blows raspberries at you, It even growls and stomps it's "feet".

When you tickle Furby way too much it turns into crazy furby who moo's amoung other sounds. There's also "school kid furby" who likes to use the word "like" alot. i.e "Like that is sooo awesome!"

Furby is a Great Christams Toy and he will have you laughing at everything he does.

One of the most notable changes in the interactive pet is its ability to communicate with humans and other Furby friends and Yes Furby does snore. The new design allows users to connect to an iPhone or iPad

Mini and utilize applications that increase the fun factor. Feeding, communicating and caring for the robot is now easier. There is even a free app that translates Furby’s native language so users can  understand what their robot pals need.

Not only has Furby’s inner machinery been upgraded, his overall look has been enhanced. The emotionless plastic eyes have been replaced with LCD lights, which give Furbie a more expansive range of  expressions.

Additionally, the creature’s fur is softer, and the colors offered are more vibrant and modern. Additional built-in sensors allow for improved responses as well. (this Furby “chews” as well as  burps!)

Hasbro’s beloved pet will hit stores in the Autumn, giving parents a new option for the holiday season. Furby are now available in ten colours..

Children can enjoy the same interaction that the earlier devices offered, but there will also be some surprises along the way. The revamped electronics should capture the interest of Furby enthusiasts of all ages.

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  • Model: 398323050
  • Shipping Weight: 1.5kgs
  • Manufactured by: Furby

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 21 November, 2012.

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